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This is usually a day only procedure and the following information is designed to help you understand simple procedures after your surgery.

Dressings and Wounds

  • You will be discharged from hospital with a dressing that should be left intact until 7 days after the surgery.
  • At that time you should remove the dressing and shower the wounds. There are usually only 2 small incisions over the front of the ankle.
  • If there is persistent discharge from either of the wounds, you should apply a dressing. Please also inform us of this.
  • If any substantial redness develops, you should also draw this to our attention. A simple infection is rare, but if treated early can usually be managed with relative ease.
Weight Bearing
  • You are free and encouraged to weight bear through the operated foot.
  • We would advise that you limit your weight bearing for the first few days to allow the wounds to heal. Excessive walking causes pressure in the area of the wounds.
  • Gentle elevation is encouraged during the first ten days or so.
  • A minor degree of swelling is considered normal after this type of procedure.