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Dr Sullivanís patients who are admitted to St Vincentís Private Hospital have access to an Occupational Therapist during their admission.

Suggested equipment for home following your surgery:

Some patients will require medical equipment to assist them once they return home. If so, you may want to organise the hire or purchase of equipment prior to your admission to hospital.
If you are not fully weight bearing following your surgery, the following pieces of equipment may assist you to continue to manage your usual daily activities:
  • Shower chair or shower stool.
  • Bath board - For people who only have a bath, a bath board allows you to sit on the board to transfer and sit to shower safely.
  • Commode chair.
  • Over toilet seat aid.
  • Crutches or walking frame.
  • Ortho Scooter - For people who are non weight bearing on their operated foot and find hopping with a frame or crutches difficult, may consider an ortho scooter as an option. An ortho scooter has a padded trough where you rest your shin and a handle to push with to mobilise. The physiotherapist will assess whether it will be appropriate for you.
There are a number of places that equipment can be hired from and one suggested medical equipment hire company is: Independent Living Specialists, email or telephone 1800 008 267. They will deliver and install the equipment to your individual specifications and also collect it when it is no longer required.
Scooters can also be hired by phoning 9387 7957 (Bondi) or 1800 679 991 (Pittwater)

If you have any further questions or wish to discuss the above information further you may contact the Occupational Therapist at St Vincentís Private Hospital on (02) 8382 6935.