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Post-operative Casting Appointments

Patients having foot and ankle surgery with Dr Martin Sullivan are required to make their post-operative casting appointments with a physiotherapist at a time when Dr Sullivan is available to check your progress.

Please note that the cost of physiotherapy consultations and casting material is payable at the time of consultation with cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard or EFTPOS. Direct claims with HiCaps can be processed for the consultation only.

St Vincent's Clinic

The patient will come to see the physiotherapist at 2 weeks post-operatively, for removal of stitches, and the application of a cast or boot. This appointment is normally made post-operatively, whilst you are still in hospital.
Kristin Haigh - St. Vincentís Orthophysio. Phone: 0499 262 722
NB: These appointments are in Suite 901 E, St. Vincentís Clinic (Dr. Sullivanís rooms.)

North Shore Private Hospital

Appointments are scheduled with Foot & Ankle Physiotherapy on Tuesdays between 10am and 1pm. Please ring the physiotherapy clinic directly on 9460 6788 or extension 3463 to arrange an appointment.
NB: Please go to the physiotherapy clinic (Suite 3A) behind Dr Sullivan's rooms for your appointment.